List Of Training Machine Manufacturers [Japan Domestic Version]


In this article, we will introduce a list of commercial training machine manufacturers used in Japanese gyms. "Commercial use" refers to products that are manufactured with the assumption that they will be used in commercial gyms, public facilities, Olympic centers, etc., and are highly reliable in terms of safety and durability.

Currently, various manufacturers are selling products in Japan, ranging from high-end to low-end products, and each manufacturer has their own specialties depending on the product. Throughout this article, we will introduce the characteristics of each manufacturer, so we hope you will find it helpful in choosing a product.

Free weight equipment manufacturers will be introduced in a separate article, so they are omitted from this article.

List of introduced manufacturers
Life Fitness
Hammer Strength
Prime Fitness
HOIST Fitness
Arsenal Strength
Training (Tanren)
Intenza Fitness

List of training machine manufacturers

Training machine manufacturer list part 1 "Panatta"

Training machine manufacturer list Panatta

Panatta is a training machine manufacturer from Italy, and our Uchino Gym is the only authorized retailer in Japan.

All products are manufactured in our own factory in Italy and distributed through over 90 distributors worldwide. Expansion into Japan has begun in earnest, and many large gyms featuring Panatta machines are scheduled to open from 2023 onwards.

Featuring unique machine designs based on biomechanics and elegant designs, we currently sell over 300 types of fitness machines. World-famous bodybuilders such as Big Ramy and William Bonac serve as ambassadors, and the quality of its machines is recognized by trainees around the world.

Panatta offers five strength machine series: MONOLITH, FITEVO, SEC, FREEWEIGHT SPECIAL, and FREEWEIGHT HP. Although they are for commercial use, we also have reasonably priced machines starting at 200,000 yen depending on the grade, so you can choose one that fits your budget.

Training machine manufacturer list part 2 "Cybex"

Training machine manufacturer list CYBEX
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Cybex is a weight training machine manufacturer with origins as a medical equipment manufacturer. One of their characteristics, which also provides many products to medical facilities, is that they develop training machines that allow even people with physical disabilities to train.

The PRESTIGE TOTAL ACCESS series of products has the unique feature of allowing wheelchair users to train without getting off their wheelchairs, and has the wonderful feature of allowing even those with physical disabilities to easily participate in fitness. Of course, it can also be used by able-bodied people by moving the seat.

They are also strong in the field of biomechanics and are known for creating equipment that is less stressful on the joints, whether it's treadmills or strength machines. We create all the products necessary for fitness clubs other than dumbbells, barbells, and plates, and we specialize in weight stack machines and treadmills.

Training machine manufacturer list part 3 “Life Fitness”

List of training machine manufacturers Life Fitness

Quoted from

Life Fitness is one of the largest manufacturers in the fitness industry, and is a brand that has been introduced mainly to Anytime Fitness.

High-end brand Hammer Strength is known for developing plate-load machines that are loved by many bodybuilding competitors and athletes.

Weight stack machines raise and lower the weights via cams and cables, so the load is distributed across these mechanisms, but plate load machines work the weights directly on the target muscles, making it difficult for the load to come off. .

Although other manufacturers have developed various plate load machines, Hammer Strength is still a popular brand with many strong fans.

Training machine manufacturer list part 4 "Precor"

List of training machine manufacturers Precor

Quoted from

Precor is a well-known manufacturer in the cardio field, and is also used by major gym chains, including Anytime Fitness.

One of Precor's achievements is the development of the cross trainer. The cross trainer's pedals reproduce the elliptical motion of a natural walking trajectory, and it is said to place less stress on the joints than a treadmill, making it useful even for people who are not physically strong or who have difficulty walking. It is possible to perform oxygen exercise.

Precor also sells four series of strength machines: Resolute Strength, Discovery, Vitarity, and Icarian Strength.

The Vitarity series machines have a compact design compared to typical European and American size machines, making them easy to install in Japanese gyms with limited space.

Training machine manufacturer list part 5 "Prime Fitness"

List of training machine manufacturers Prime Fitness

Quoted from

Prime Fitness is a training machine manufacturer from the United States, and is a brand that is highly rated by advanced training professionals. In Japan, it is sold by THINK Fitness.

SMART STRENGTH technology developed by Prime Fitness is designed to create an optimal load curve (variable resistance) throughout the range of motion, making it possible to freely change the peak point of the load curve.

Also famous is PRODIGY RACKS, a multi-functional rack equipped with a high-low pulley.

Training machine manufacturer list part 6 “Atlantis”

Training machine manufacturer list Atlantis Quoted from

Atlantis is a Canadian training machine manufacturer. This manufacturer is not familiar to Japanese people as there are no dealers in Japan, but it is a worldwide brand that is used in 65 countries around the world.

We have over 250 types of training machines and equipment, and we also sell unique machines such as seated lateral raises, Viking presses, and bench press machines with adjustable arm height.

This is a machine manufacturer that is expected to expand into Japan in the future.

Training machine manufacturer list part 7 "Nautilus"

Training machine manufacturer list Nautilus

Quoted from

Nautilus is one of the oldest weight training machine manufacturers and is handled by Think Fitness in Japan.

Nautilus is famous for developing the Nautilus cam, an innovative structure for its time, which had a huge impact on the training machine industry.

The Nautilus cam is a nautilus-shaped cam, and its shape can change load fluctuations depending on the operating range. By adopting this mechanism, we have created a training machine that does not always release the load on the target muscles.

In addition to the Nautilus cam, they have invented several mechanisms to optimize the load on the machine, making them a popular manufacturer among hardcore bodybuilding fans in the current market.

Training machine manufacturer list part 8 "HOIST Fitness"

List of training machine manufacturers Hoist Fitness

Quoted from

HOIST Fitness is an American training machine manufacturer that handles a wide range of equipment from home use to commercial use. In Japan, it is sold by Wise Fitness.

Hoist has obtained over 80 patents and has developed unique machines not available from other manufacturers. Among them, the ROC-IT series is equipped with a function called ROX technology that adjusts the user's position according to the movement of the arm, allowing free joint movement while maintaining the stability of machine training.

Training machine manufacturer list part 9 "Arsenal Strength"

Training machine manufacturer list Arsenal Strength

Quoted from

Arsenal Strength is an American strength machine manufacturer. Although it is a young manufacturer established in 2015, it has excellent design and functionality, and is recognized as an authentic training machine manufacturer.

Arsenal Strength was adopted at the gym of bodybuilding legend Flex Lewis, and its introduction is progressing in large gyms mainly in the United States.

On the other hand, the company is also a manufacturer that often suffers from problems due to frequent occurrences of rusted machines, peeling of paint, and missing parts, as well as difficulties in customer service.

Training machine manufacturer list part 10 “TechnoGym”

List of training machine manufacturers Technogym

Quoted from

TechnoGym is an Italian training machine manufacturer and a global fitness brand that has sponsored the Olympic and Paralympic Games for over 20 years.

Technogym offers a service called Mywellness, which is training support using applications such as smartphones. You can record your daily activity level, physical data, and the physical state you want to achieve in the app, and the trainer will create a menu based on that information.

In addition, TechnoGym's training machines and treadmills are linked to the app, and by scoring the amount of exercise you do each day, you can visualize your fitness progress and increase your motivation.

Training machine manufacturer list part 11 “Matrix”

Training machine manufacturer list matrix

Quoted from

Matrix is ​​a fitness machine manufacturer from Taiwan and is one of the famous brands in the cardio field for both commercial and home use. In Japan, it is sold by Johnson Health Tech Japan, and is mainly used in products such as Joyfit.

We have also entered into a new sales agency agreement with German fitness equipment manufacturer EGYM, and sales are scheduled to begin in 2023.

In addition to cardio, we also sell equipment necessary for fitness clubs, such as weight stack machines, plate load machines, and power racks.

Training machine manufacturer list part 12 "TuffStuff"

Training machine manufacturer list Tough Staff

Quoted from

TuffStuff is a training machine manufacturer from the United States, and is sold in Japan by THINK Fitness.

Over the past few years, the home gym market has grown and there are many options, but about five years ago, Tough Stuff was the best product for a full-fledged home gym.

Although not often introduced in large gyms, power racks and Smith machines are useful in personal gyms for light users.

Training machine manufacturer list No. 13 “Training (Tanren)”

Training machine manufacturer list Training machine

Quoted from

Tanren is a Japanese training machine manufacturer headquartered in Shiga Prefecture. It is a brand that has many unique machines that you won't find anywhere else, and is supported by Japanese body builders and Fiji cars.

The machine has a compact design, making it easy to install in gyms with relatively limited space, such as personal gyms.

The series is divided by purpose: Muscle Line, Easy Muscle Line, and Conditioning Line.

Training machine manufacturer list part 14 “Intenza Fitness”

List of training machine manufacturers Intenza Fitness

Quoted from

Intenza Fitness is a cardio machine manufacturer from Taiwan, which is also sold at Uchino Gym.

Since we were originally an OEM manufacturer for major cardio brands, the quality of our machines is extremely high and the designs are stylish. However, because the price range is reasonable, major gym chains have recently begun to introduce it.

Intenza Fitness is famous for its stair climber, and has developed a feature called Smart Step that allows you to adjust the height of stair steps.

Training machine manufacturer list part 15 "DRAX"

Training machine manufacturer list Dulux

Quoted from

DRAX is a Korean training machine manufacturer and is sold by DRAX JAPAN Co., Ltd.

Dulux is famous for its treadmills and invented the Speed ​​Sync System that automatically adjusts the speed.

Although it is a commercial machine manufacturer, it is a brand that is being introduced in Japan because it is cheaper than Western manufacturers.

Training machine manufacturer list part 16 "STAR TRAC"

Training machine manufacturer list Star Track

Quoted from

STAR TRAC is a cardio brand owned by Core Health & Fitness in the United States, and sold in Japan by Pro Avance.

The price is a little lower than that of high-end commercial cardio, but since you can receive generous support from Pro Avance even after purchase, you can use it for commercial purposes with confidence.

At the end

This time, we have introduced a list of training machine manufacturers used in Japan. In this article, we have mainly introduced famous manufacturers, but there are many Chinese OEM machines and emerging fitness brands that are not listed here.

If you are having trouble selecting equipment when opening a new gym, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form or chat below.

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