[REP Fitness] List of products scheduled for release in 2024

【REP Fitness】2024年リリース予定製品一覧

REP Fitness plans to launch over 80 new products in 2024, and we have compiled a list of the products we plan to release. Some information is not yet confirmed, so we will add or revise the content if there are any changes.

Upcoming Products

First, we would like to introduce some products that will be released soon.

Modular Storage System

REP Storage System

The storage system is already on sale at REP, but it will be available in Japan soon. It is possible to expand the power rack, or it can be used as a standalone unit as shown in the image above. There are many variations in the colors, sizes, and combinations of the posts, so we can suggest the storage that meets your needs.

This is a premium storage product that is also designed for use in commercial gyms, so the price will be higher than the simple OEM storage products on the market. It is scheduled to arrive in Japan around May.

Calibrated Iron Plate 1.25kg-25kg

REP Fitness Calibrated Iron Plate

The calibrated iron plate for powerlifting, which has been shown at past exhibitions, is finally being released. It was scheduled to be released in December 2023, but the release has been delayed due to a problem with the final product test. The design is also cool, so if you are looking for a thin plate, please consider it. It is expected to arrive in Japan after June.

Hard chrome finish steel plate

This is also a hard chrome plate that has been mentioned on social media for some time. There are several similar products from other manufacturers, so it is unclear how seriously they will take selling it, but since it is marked with KG, they plan to sell it in Japan as well.

Adonis™ Cable Tower

There is already a lot of information about the Adonis™︎ Cable Tower from the REP official website, but it is a cable machine that combines lat pull & low row with an adjustable pulley. It can be used as a standalone machine, or connected to a PR-5000 series power rack. It is equipped with both a weight stack and plate loading, so there is a high degree of freedom in weight adjustment.

This product is also expected to arrive in Japan after June 2024.

List of products scheduled for release in 2024

Below is a list of products scheduled for release this year.

KG Urethane Equalizer Plate (April-June)

REP Urethane Equalizer Plate

The polyurethane equalizer plate, one of REP Fitness' best-selling products, is now available in a kg version. As we expand into Asia and Europe, we expect to see more kg versions of our products in the future. (As for the American-made iron plate , which has received many inquiries, we currently have no plans to develop a kg version, but we continue to receive requests for it.)

Upright seat attachment (April-June)

The upright seat attachment is shown at 3:30 in the video. It is a seat attachment that is fixed to the support and is compatible with not only cable towers but also PR-5000 series power racks. The footplate attachment for the low-row rack shown below is also scheduled for sale.

FT-5500 Functional Trainer (April-June)

This is an improved version of the currently officially sold FT-5000 2.0 Functional Trainer . It is a size larger than the Arcadia™ Functional Trainer, so if you are looking for a larger functional trainer, please wait for the release of this one.

KG QuickDraw™ Adjustable Dumbbells (April-June)

This is the KG version of the QuickDraw™ adjustable dumbbell, which is already available on our website. Samples of the pound version have arrived in Japan, so please come and touch it when our showroom in Tokyo opens.

KG Heavy Dumbbells (45kg and up)

We can't give you any details yet, but we are currently developing a heavy-duty adjustable dumbbell that will likely be our featured product this year. Please wait for further information. We also plan to release a stand/cart for this dumbbell.

PR-5000 Series Stainless Steel Columns & Cross Members

Stainless steel will be added to the PR-5000 series power rack . If you want a premium power rack, please wait for this release. The sales start date has not been decided yet, so we will update it as soon as we have information.

Cardio machines

It is rumored that cardio machines will be unveiled at IHRSA in March and FIBO in April. Will multiple machines such as treadmills, bikes, and rowers be released? If you are considering purchasing cardio machines, please wait for further information.

Leg extension and curl attachment

This is an attachment for the REP Fitness adjustable bench. We have been developing it for some time, but we have not been able to produce a satisfactory product, so the release has been delayed. Please wait for further information.

Other accessories

Small items such as yoga mats, lifting straps, belts and timers are scheduled to be released in 2024.

In addition to the above, minor updates are planned for multiple products, including benches and rack attachments.

There are still some products for which information has not been released, so as soon as new information becomes available, we will update it on X or Instagram . If you are interested, please follow us.

REP Fitness Showroom

We plan to open a showroom for REP products in Tokyo (Hachimanyama, Setagaya-ku) around May. Some of the products will be available to touch in February and March, so if you would like to try out existing products, please come and visit us. We will announce it on our social media and website as soon as it is ready.

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