super vertical chest press

Type: Plate Loaded
SKU: 1FW036

The Panatta FREEWEIGHT SPECIAL series Super Vertical Chest Press is a plate-loaded machine that achieves the ideal trajectory for training the middle pectoral muscles. It can carry plates up to 270kg, so even advanced trainers who handle heavy weights can exercise with confidence.

This Super Vertical Chest Press features multi-grip handles that allow you to perform the exercise with either a straight or neutral grip. In addition, each arm is independent, so it is possible to exercise with only one arm.

An optional preload foot lever reduces stress on joints at the start and finish of movements, allowing users to train through a full range of motion without fear of injury. In addition, by installing a non-slip footrest, you can concentrate on your exercise without distractions even during high-intensity training.

Equipped with 6 plate horns, you won't have any trouble storing the plates. This is the ultimate vertical chest press machine that Panatta boasts to the world.

Product features

  • Height adjustable seat (with gas assist function)
  • Preload foot lever (optional)
  • Anti-slip footrest (optional)
  • Independent arm mechanism allows single and double arm exercises
  • Unique motion design realizes a physiologically based load curve
  • Exercises with multi-handle and neutral grip

Product specifications/specs

width 150cm
depth 200cm
height 165 cm
weight 265kg
Maximum working weight 270kg
standard frame color black
standard arm collar black
Standard seat color black
Attached plate horn 6
option Color can be changed only for made-to-order items

Product warranty

Complies with product warranties stipulated by Panatta .


Selectable seat color

Frame color to choose from

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