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Type: Plate Loaded
SKU: 1FW003

Panatta's Super Hi-Row is a plate-loaded rowing machine that can comprehensively train the back muscles such as the latissimus dorsi, teres major, rhomboids, and trapezius muscles. Handle is 45° forward (C-shape), 45° backward (inverted C) , neutral The angle can be adjusted in three stages. It can carry plates up to 270kg, so even advanced trainers who handle heavy weights can exercise with confidence.

Product features

  • Height adjustable seat and rollers (with gas assist function)
  • The position of the chest rest can also be adjusted forward and backward.
  • Independent arm mechanism allows single and double arm exercises
  • Unique motion design realizes a physiologically based load curve
  • Handle is 45° forward (C-shape), 45° backward (inverted C) , neutral Angle can be adjusted in three stages
  • By grasping the handle fixed in the center, you can move while stabilizing your upper body.

Product specifications/specs

width 150cm
depth 200cm
height 215cm
weight 315kg
Maximum working weight 270kg
standard frame color black
standard arm collar black
Standard seat color black
Attached plate horn 6
option Color can be changed only for made-to-order items

Product warranty

Complies with product warranties stipulated by Panatta .


Selectable seat color

Frame color to choose from

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