Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

SKU: PRA-5552

REP’s Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar features a standard 1.25” thick standard pull-up bar in the front; 1.25” thick angled and neutral grips; and a 2" thick bar in the back. It offers traditional, neutral, close, and wide-grip options. These various grip options allow you to work different muscle groups. Grip spacing options range from 6” (neutral) to 28.4” (wide).

Attach pull-up bands to the bar where desired for more exercise versatility. Attach the bar normally or invert it to accommodate low ceilings and add nothing to the rack’s height. This option is also ideal for shorter athletes. The bar is durable, made from 14-gauge steel tubing with a 2mm wall. The Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar is compatible with the PR-4000, PR-5000, Omni, and Apollo racks.



Weight 12 kg
Length 105 cm
Width 37 cm
Total Height 18.5 cm
Material 14-Gauge Steel

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