Leg Roller

SKU: PRA-5712-S

Enhance your power rack with the highly versatile Leg Roller Attachment. Quickly connect it to your power rack uprights, lock it securely in place with a pin (either a clevis or lynch pin, depending on the series), and easily remove it when you’re finished. The leg roller is heavy duty, with a weight capacity of 600lbs. The 4000 Series is made from 8- and 11-gauge tubing and steel. The 5000 Series is a chrome-plated solid cylinder. The foam-covered vinyl roller pad is easy to clean and comfortable.

The attachment works with REP 4000 and 5000 Series power racks. The 4000 Series extends so it can be centered inside the rack. It’s slightly longer than the 5000 Series, whose pad/roller sits next to the upright inside or outside the rack. The Leg Roller Attachment is sold as a single roller or as a pair for the 5000 Series. For the 5000 Series Leg Roller Attachment, you will need two (one on each side of the rack) to use for lat-pulldowns since this attachment isn’t centered like the 4000 series. It’s compact, lightweight (under 13lbs), and an economical way to bring more exercise options to your home gym, such as back extensions, preacher curls, and single-leg movements, like split squats.



Attachment Weight 2 kg
Attachment Length 51 cm
Pad Length 39 cm
Pad Diameter 12.2 cm
Weight Capacity 272 kg

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