high low convergent

Type: Selectorized
SKU: 1MTH006

Panatta MONOLITH series' Hi-Low Convergent is a revolutionary machine that creates a wider and thicker back. The seat and knee stopper with chest rest are height adjustable to help you maintain your ideal position.

This Hi-Low Convergent is equipped with multiple handle clips, allowing for pinpoint approaches to muscles such as the latissimus dorsi and trapezius muscles. Furthermore, the independent arm allows you to exercise either one arm or both arms. Maintain correct posture and safety by using the handle fixed in the center.

Product features

  • Height adjustable seat and rollers (with gas assist function)
  • Chest rest integrated into knee stopper
  • Independent arm mechanism allows single and double arm exercises
  • Rotating hand grip (optional)
  • The multi-handle allows for a 45° reverse grip (inverted C-shape) and neutral grip.
  • By grasping the handle fixed in the center, you can move while stabilizing your upper body.

Product specifications/specs

width 110 cm
depth 175 cm
height 200 cm
weight 290 kg
standard weight stack 100 kg (5kg units)
standard frame color black
Standard seat color black
Option 1 Add weight up to 120kg
Option 2 2.5kg unit load system
Option 3 Color can be changed only for made-to-order items

Product warranty

Complies with product warranties stipulated by Panatta .


Selectable seat color

Frame color to choose from

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