Weight Storage Horn Sets

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Save space and organize your plates on the weight storage uprights of your existing rack, with the Weight Storage Horn Sets. The 4000 and 5000 sets come with three pairs of 6” weight horns and three pairs of 12” weight horns. The Apollo™ set comes with 2 pairs of 6" weight horns and three pairs of 12" weight horns. They can hold up to 12” of plates per horn. That’s four 45lb bumpers totaling 180lbs, or seven 45lb irons (Equalizers) totaling 315lbs. A rubber gasket stop protects your weights. The Weight Storage Horns are heavy-duty. The 4000 Series are made from chrome-plated, 3mm thick, 11-gauge steel. The endcap is plastic. The 5000 Series/Apollo™ are made from urethane-coated, 1" diameter solid bar stock. Easily bolt the weight horns onto your power rack. Although they can handle hundreds of pounds of weight, the weight horns themselves are lightweight. So, they add a ton of utility to your rack without taking up much space or added weight.



Weight Horn Weight 6": 6.3lbs & 12": 8.3lbs
Weight Horn Material Urethane-Coated, 1" Diameter Solid Bar Stock
Loadable Length 6": 4.6" & 12": 11.4"
Weight Horn Diameter 1.8"
Hardware Size 1"

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