Urethane Dumbbells

Type: Dumbbells
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Stock your gym with extremely durable, high-quality dumbbells designed for high volume and long-term use. REP’s urethane dumbbells are solid steel with a CPU urethane coating, which is ultra-tough, abrasion-resistant, and shows less age over time. The innovative, knurled, solid steel handles provide a comfortable and secure grip at any weight. Round weight heads with bright, clear weight markings with a REP logo in white also create a sleek, high-end look. The heads of the dumbbells are machined for weight and then inserted onto the handle and welded, which ensures the handle and weight head remain securely attached even with vigorous use.

The Urethane Dumbbells are sold in pairs in 5lb increments from 5lbs to 50lbs, and in various set options: 5-50lbs, 5-75lbs, 5-100lbs, 55-75lbs, 80-100lbs, 105-125lbs, and 130-150lbs. These partial sets allow you to grow your weight collection as needed. Sets come in 5lb increments, so lifters have a wide range of weight options to minimize getting stuck between two weights.


Weight 2.5kg-60kg(2.5kg increments)
Total Handle Length 15 cm
Knurled Handle Length 12 cm
Handle Diameter 2.5kg-22.5kg: 32 mm
25kg-60kg: 35 mm
Material Urethane Coating
Tolerance +-1%



These solid steel dumbbells have a CPU urethane coating, which provides extreme durability in a high-volume setting.


Round weight heads with bright, clear weight markings and REP logo create a sleek, finished look.


Innovative, knurled handle provides a comfortable and maximal grip at any weight.

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