Tricep Rope

SKU: FTA-5030

Add more options to your functional trainer or cable machine with the Tricep Rope attachment. The Tricep Rope is made from shiny black nylon rope and has plastic endcaps to help you keep your grip during exercises. It is about 34” long. The Tricep Rope is super lightweight, weighing under 2lbs, so it is easy to store or attach wherever you need it.

The Tricep Rope is also incredible versatile, depending on how you use it. You can use it for tricep pushdowns, hammer curls, face pulls, and many more exercises. It’s especially optimal to work the arms, back, and core. The Tricep Rope does not come with a carabiner.



Length 86 cm
Weight 0.8 kg



The rope is made from high-quality nylon with plastic endcaps.


Not even 2lbs, the Tricep Rope is lightweight, compact, and easy to store or attach wherever you need it.



Depending on how you attach it, the Tricep Rope allows you to do exercises for arms, back, core, and more.

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