Technique Plates

SKU: BP-1500-02

REP’s 2.5kg Technique Plates make it possible for lifters to start their lifts at the proper height, but with light weight, so they can learn how to properly perform Olympic lifts. It can be dangerous to learn technique with a heavy weight, and it can be difficult to learn with plates that aren’t the standard diameter; the Technique Plates solve both of those issues. Technique Plates have the same 17.7” diameter as other bumper plates. These plates are made from a durable, hard plastic, although they’re not intended to be dropped from overhead or shoulder height. They feature black weight markings so lifters can easily identify them on the bar. The Technique Plates are sold as a pair, fit on all standard, 2” barbells, and have a 3% weight tolerance. Technique plates are also available in pounds. Pair the Technique Plates with REP’s special Mesa Technique Bar to be well on your way to mastering your lifts.


Size Diameter Thickness
2.5 kg 450 mm 20.3 mm
Material Hard Plastic
Tolerance +-3 %

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