Round Sandwich J-Cups 2.0

SKU: PRA-5023

Fully protect the knurling on your barbell with the versatile, heavy-duty Round Sandwich J-cups 2.0. These cups, which are compatible with 4000 and 5000 Series power racks, feature plastic lining for total protection of your barbell and the power rack uprights. Plus, the hardware is on the side of the cups, so there’s no metal contact with your barbell. These J-cups are finished with a metallic black powder coat that’s resistant to chips and scratches to minimize rust and keep your home gym looking fresh for years. Round cups feature a super secure resting point, so your barbell won’t slide around or move when it’s racked. These cups fit standard and specialty bars with diameters less than 50mm. The Round Sandwich J-cups 2.0 are tough, with a weight capacity of 1,000lbs. They feature high-end finishes, such as a laser-cut metallic black REP logo plate with a stainless-steel backing, and they’re laser cut and bent with rounded corners for safety. The bottom liners are one piece to prevent rotation of the liners. The 4000 Series cups are made for 3x3” uprights with 5/8” pins. The 5000 Series J-cups are designed for 3x3” uprights with 1” pins. They extend off the rack 5.3”. These cups are sold in pairs.


Landing Zone Height 15.5 cm
Landing Zone Radius 2.9 cm
Landing Zone Width 6.6 cm
Material Steel With Protective Liners
Finish Metallic Black Powder Coat
Weight 3.2 kg(Per Side)
Rackable Capacity 454 kg

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