Rackable Curl Bar

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REP’s Rackable Curl Bar (also known as an EZ curl bar) features a longer shaft of 74” (6’2”), or 51” (4’3”) between sleeves. This makes it rackable in standard-width power racks. That means it’s easier to load the bar with plates, and it is more comfortable to get into position for lifts. The Rackable Curl Bar also has a bend in the shaft of the curl bar, allowing for a semi-supinated grip to limit the stress on the wrists and elbows, reducing common injury risk. The bar itself weighs 35 lbs.

This bar has hybrid sleeves, with one needle bearing and one bushing per sleeve, providing the perfect combination of spin and stability. The Curl Bar has the same medium-depth knurling as REP’s best-selling, mixed-use barbells, for great grip without tearing up your hands. The Curl Bar is available in a hard chrome finish with a matte appearance, which is rust-resistant and more durable than regular chrome. The bar is also available in a full, stainless-steel option, which is a higher grade of metal and even more resistant to rust.


Bar Use Specialty
Weight 16 kg
Length 188 cm
Distance Between Sleeves 130 cm
Loadable Sleeve Length 25 cm
Diameter 30 mm
Bushing/Bearing Hybrid
Sleeves Ribbed No
Knurl Medium
Center Knurl No
Shaft Coating Hard Chrome or None (Stainless Steel Bar)
Tensile Strength 190 KSI (Hard Chrome); 200 KSI (Stainless Steel)
Tolerance +-3 %



曲がったシャフトThe bent shaft of the bar limits stress on the wrists and elbows and can reduce common injury risk.


ミディアムローレット加工This bar features the same medium depth knurl as our best-selling, mixed-use barbells. It provides great grip without tearing up your hands.


ラッカブルThe extended length between sleeves allows you to rack this barbell for added ease and comfort of use.

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