Push-Pull Sled

Type: Sleds
SKU: PS-3000

Push and pull your way through an intense workout with the versatile Push-Pull Sled. This sturdy sled is built for hard work, made with quality steel and coated with a black powder for better grip. The sled features two upright poles that are removable to save space. The poles allow for both high and low push stances. The sled also has three welded eyebolts on the front so you can attach a harness and rope for pulling exercises. The sled itself weighs 75lbs and is compatible with 2" Olympic iron or bumper plates. The Push-Pull Sled comes with steel skis, but you can upgrade those with plastic-lined skis. It’s easy to replace the skis when you wear them down without needing to order a whole new sled.



Weight 34 kg
Width 97 cm
Length 102 cm
Height 107 cm

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