PR-5000 Power Rack 6-Post

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SKU: PR-5000-6P-80-30-MBLK
Rack Height:

There’s a ton of power in simplicity. While our virtual rack builder allows you to customize every detail of your PR-5000, we also offer three pre-selected attachment packages: entry-level, intermediate, and high-end options for 4-post or 6-post racks. Choose your desired post style, height, depth, color, attachment package, and we've taken care of the rest. Our rack attachment packages include everything you need to add a PR-5000 to your gym. Each package builds upon the previous one, offering upgraded or additional attachments. The Entry-Level package is the most budget-friendly, featuring the 1.25" Pull-Up Bar, Standard J-Cups 2.0, and Pin-Pipe Safeties (30" & 41" Options). The Intermediate package upgrades that to the Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar, Flat Sandwich J-cups 2.0, and Strap Safeties (30" & 41" Options). The High-End package includes the Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar, Flat Sandwich J-cups 2.0, Flip-Down Safeties (30" & 41" Options), a Dip Station, Landmine Attachment, Band Pegs, and Dual Barbell Hanger. All levels can also be upgraded to a 6-post rack, which allows for on-rack weight plate storage.

The PR-5000 power rack creates a safe, sturdy, and versatile environment for strength training. The 1.25" Pull-Up Bar provides a traditional, solid foundation, while the Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar offers more versatile training with various grip options. For different budget ranges, we have the cost-effective Standard J-cups 2.0 or the Flat-Sandwich J-cups 2.0, which provide a larger landing zone for the barbell. Safeties are essential for challenging lifts; the different levels are the budget-friendly Pin-Pipe Safeties; the quieter Strap Safeties; or the heavy-duty Flip-Down Safeties with a protective plastic lining. The Dip Station is perfect for dips, rows, and gymnastics movements like L-sits. The Landmine Attachment allows for exercises such as landmine presses, rows, Russian twists, and single-arm bent-over rows. Band Pegs can be used for equipment organization or resistance work using bands. The Dual Barbell Hanger securely stores your barbells. You can choose to further customize your rack down the line with additional attachments, if you want.



Weight 235 kg
Rack Height 203cm or 236cm(+2.5cm for Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar)
Width 129 cm
Rack Depth 140 cm(76cm+41cm for Crossmember Depth)
Hole Size 1" - 2.54cm
Hole Spacing 2" - 5.08cm
Material 3x3" 11-gauge Steel
Finish Powder Coated
Weight Capacity 454 kg



The PR-5000 is compatible with a ton of attachments, with new attachments consistently being developed.


Precision manufacturing -- laser cutting, robotic welding, and robotic painting all under one roof -- ensures a consistent, high-quality product.



The rack is made with 3x3” 11-gauge steel with a 1,000lbs rackable capacity.



Uprights have 2” hole spacing throughout with 1” pinholes.



Rack features laser-cut numbers every hole to make it easy to line up attachments.



Customize your rack with multiple height, depth, and color options so you can have the perfect rack for your space and style.


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