Open Trap Bar Handles

Type: Bars
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Narrow Handles (23” handle to handle) are recommended for people with smaller frames or lifters who want to lift using a narrower hand positioning. Standard Handles (25” handle to handle) are standard for most trap bars on the market. They will work for all-sized lifters. Wide Handles (27.3” handle to handle) provide a wider hand positioning for people who have broader shoulders or want more upper back and trap activation. The narrow, standard, and wide handles all come in stainless steel. The Rotating Handles (24.6” handle to handle) offer three handles of different diameters to help train grip strength. These handles don’t rotate themselves; the rotation is the carousel-style frame that allows a quick and easy switch between the handles. The Rotating Handles offer 28mm, 38mm, and 48mm diameter handles, and feature a hard-chrome finish. Get multiple sets of handles to switch up lifting angles and add versatility to your training. The handles are quick to remove and easy to switch out between sets.


Weight(Pair) Narrow:7.8 kg
Standard:7.2 kg
Wide:5.8 kg
Rotating:15.4 kg
Handle Diameter Narrow:28 mm
Standard:28 mm
Wide:28 mm
Rotating:28, 38, 48 mm
Handle Width Narrow:58 cm
Standard:64 cm
Wide:69 cm
Rotating:62 cm
Material Narrow:Stainless Steel
Standard:Stainless Steel
Wide:Stainless Steel
Rotating:Steel & Hard Chrome

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