Type: Kettlebells
SKU: KB-3002-04

Target a wide range of muscles and multiple planes of movement with REP’s Kettlebells. These kettlebells range in size from 4kg (9lbs) to 48kg (106lbs). Each iron-cast kettlebell is labeled with both kilograms and pounds, and the handles are color-coded according to the international color standards, so you can easily identify the different sizes. The kettlebells are gravity die-cast, a manufacturing technique that results in durable and precise kettlebells with smooth handles and a perfectly flat base. They are coated in a textured, premium black coating that holds chalk and provides great grip.


Handle Diameter 4kg-6kg: 30mm
8kg-14kg: 32mm
16kg-18kg: 33mm
20kg-22kg: 38mm
24kg: 39mm
28kg-48kg: 40mm

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