Glute Ham Developer (GHD)

Type: Bench
SKU: GHD-3000

Strengthen your posterior chain muscles (glutes, hamstrings, and lower back) with REP’s adjustable Glute-Ham Developer (GHD). This piece of equipment is versatile, with 13 different adjustment points, making it suitable for lifters of a wide range of heights. The bearing system for the 21x15” footplate makes these height adjustments quick and easy, and a mounting footplate helps lifters get on and off the equipment.

This GHD is super sturdy, with a frame made mostly from 16-gauge steel. Footpads feature thick padding with a durable vinyl cover, and the footpads are finished with steel endcaps. Although the GHD is solid, weighing in at 150lbs, it’s still maneuverable due to wheels on the back. Enhance your workout with the included band pegs, designed for resistance work. In addition to strengthening your posterior chain, you can flip over and use the GHD for targeted abdominal workouts, too.



Weight 68 kg
Length 178 cm
Width 91 cm
Height 107 cm
Footplate 53 cm x 38 cm



内蔵型レッグローラーThe frame is mostly 16-gauge steel, and the footpads have thick padding with a durable vinyl cover.


改良された安定性Wheels on the back make moving the GHD super easy.



様々なエクササイズに対応13 different adjustment points means the GHD will be comfortable to use for a wide range of heights.

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