Dumbbell and Kettlebell Storage Shelf

SKU: WS-5305-HP

Build your storage system with the Dumbbell and Kettlebell Storage Shelf. This shelf is sturdy and heavy duty, made from 11-gauge steel. The shelf is versatile and can hold kettlebells or dumbbells. Each 72” shelf is reversible with one side being able to store dumbbells and the other able to store kettlebells, balls, and small accessories. The kettlebell shelf has a surface area of 5.4 square feet, which is big enough to fit a set of 8kg-28kg kettlebells in pairs. The dumbbell shelf can fit a 5-100lb dumbbell set on four shelves (5-35lbs, 40-60lbs, 65-80lbs, & 85-100lbs). This storage unit features two lips in the middle to secure your dumbbells while they are on an angle and one lip on the front and the back of the kettlebell side for safety. It is easy to mount to your system with a bolt-on design. The shelf has a high-quality metallic black powder-coat finish. The Dumbbell and Kettlebell Storage Shelf is aesthetic, with a laser-cut REP logo for a premium look. It is designed to fit perfectly within the footprint of your 4000 or 5000 Series rig bodyweight station, offering a seamless and integrated storage solution. You can also build off to the side of your existing 4000 or 5000 series rack and connect the 72” shelf to a new 60” upright or purchase it with a stand-alone storage unit.


Weight 38 kg
Depth 28 cm
Width 183 cm
Height 14 cm
Material 11-Gauge Steel
Weight Capacity 340 kg
Finish Metallic Black Powder Coat

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