Crash Pads

Type: Plyo Boxes
SKU: DP-1000

Reduce the noise and vibration of barbell drops with REP’s Crash Pads. These pads are made from high-density foam and feature exhaust vents on all four outer sides to absorb the noise and impact, so you can lift early in the morning or late at night without disturbing others. Plus, Crash Pads protect your floors, the barbell, and your plates.

The pads also have convenient, nylon carry handles that make it easy to move and lift them around your gym. Although they're tough, they only weigh 26.5lbs per pad. Crash Pads are covered in durable black vinyl. The pads are finished with a white REP logo for a sharp contract and attractive aesthetic. They are 29.5” (L) x 22.5” (W) and 5” thick. Crash Pads are sold in pairs.



Weight 12 kg per pad
Thickness 13 cm
Length 75 cm
Width 57 cm
Pad Material High-Density Foam
Cover Material Vinyl
Handle Material Nylon Strap

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