Drop-In Dip Attachment

SKU: PRA-5210

The Drop-In Dip Attachment is a stable, easy-to-use attachment for your 4000 or 5000 series power rack. The extra secure, “Double C-cup" design is as quick and easy as J-cups to mount on the uprights; simply slide the pegs into the upright holes to adjust the attachment’s height on your rack. This mounting style makes the Drop-In Dip Attachment incredibly stable, with no wiggle. Plastic linings on the brackets protect your uprights. The handles are finished with a matte black powder coat for a slightly textured grip that won’t feel slick. The Drop-In Dip Attachment mounts as two individual components to the left and right uprights, and the two-handle design allows you to do dips in the center of the rack. This adds even more stability and also allows you to use the dip attachment with the belt squat for weighted dips. It's super durable, made from 11-gauge steel, and features a weight capacity of 810lbs. The Drop-In Dip Attachment is aesthetic, with a unique, laser-cut, REP mountain cutout for a premium look.



Height 31 cm
Width 40 cm
Useable Handle Length 36 cm
Handle Width 46-58 cm
Handle Diameter 44 mm
Depth Added 42 cm
Weight 8.3 kg(Per Side)
Weight Capacity 367 kg
Material 11-Gauge Steel
Finish Matte Black Powder Coat

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