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Add more options to your functional trainer or cable machine with the D-handle attachment. These handles are made from high-quality, long-lasting hard materials. Each handle provides subtle grip assistance, but not so much that it will tear up your hands. Weighing between 0.5lbs to 3.4lbs (depending on the style), D-handles are lightweight and easy to store, move, or attach wherever you need them.

The D-handle is incredibly versatile, depending on how you attach it to the cables and use it. Use the handle for D-grip lat pulldowns, as well as cable flies, single-arm rows, and more. D-handles come in a range of diameters, so you can find the right grip and feel for your preferences and needs. Note: These attachments do not come with a carabiner. The D-handles are sold individually or in pairs.




Pro Series

Overall Length 13 cm
Outer Diameter 25 mm
Knurl Type Hill/Passive
Material Plated Steel
Finish Hard Chrome
Weight 1.5 kg


Handle Length 15 cm
Overall Length 24 cm
Outer Diameter 34 mm
Material Silver Anodized Aluminum With Urethane Coating
Weight 220 g
Strap Material Nylon


Handle Length 15 cm
Overall Length 26 cm
Outer Diameter 32 mm
Knurl Type Hill/Medium
Material Bright Zinc Plated Steel
Weight 544 g
Strap Material Nylon



From comfort with the urethane material to hill knurling on the Pro Series, you can choose the right grip and feel for your preferences.


Depending on how you attach and use them, D-handles allow you to work your chest, arms, back, shoulders, and more.



These D-handles are made with tough material that can handle any cable exercises.



REP hasn’t overlooked any details, from the sewn-on logos on the straps to the knurling and swivels.



D-handles come in different diameters: the urethane handles are 34mm thick; steel is 32mm; and the Pro Series handles are 25mm.



Each D-handle is lightweight and easy to store or attach wherever you need it.

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