Colorado Bar 20kg

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Raising the bar. These barbells were over 10 years in the making – the fusion of customer insights, rigorous testing, thousands of reps by different types of athletes, and our decades of experience in both lifting and designing quality, innovative gym equipment. That’s how we know these will be the best barbells you’ll ever put your hands on.

REP was founded in Colorado, and this barbell represents our signature, flagship bar. This 20kg bar is a premium, mixed-use barbell that comes in a variety of different Cerakote color options (black, blue, green, red, or white) with Duracoat™ sleeves. Duracoat™ is a chemical process that hardens the outside of the steel and changes it to a smooth black finish. It’s also available in a hard chrome finish (shaft and sleeves). Both finish options add high levels of corrosion resistance.

This barbell is truly an all-purpose barbell, great for cross-training/HIIT-style workouts, powerlifting, and Olympic weightlifting. It features medium-depth, volcano-style knurling to provide good grip support without tearing up your hands on high-rep workouts. The 20kg Colorado Bar was made with a 28.5mm diameter shaft and smooth sleeves for easy loading and unloading of weight. Composite bushings provide a smooth and consistent rotation with added durability. The bushings also create a dampening effect that reduces noise if you drop the barbell. The Colorado Bar is finished with premium, metal endcaps with unique designs and laser-etched branding on the inner sleeves. As a multi-purpose bar, the Colorado Bar has dual knurl markings (IPF and IWF) to help you pinpoint where to place your hands when you set up. We spent years prototyping, testing, and ensuring our signature Colorado barbell exceeds all your training needs.


Bar Use Mixed-Use
Weight 20 kg
Length 220 cm
Loadable Sleeve Length 41 cm
Shaft Diameter 28.5 mm
Sleeve Diameter 50 mm
Bushing/Bearing Composite Bushing
Sleeve Style Smooth
Knurl Style Volcano/Medium
Center Knurl No
Knurl Markings Dual(IPF & IWF)
Material Steel
Shaft Coating Hard Chrome or Cerakote
Sleeve Coating Hard Chrome or Duracoat™
Whip Medium
Static Rating 680 kg
Tensile Strength 190 ksi
Tolerance +-1 %



FINISH OPTIONSCerakote (with various color options) and hard chrome both add high levels of corrosion resistance. Plus, hard chrome adds an even more elevated performance and aesthetic than standard chrome.


COMPOSITE BUSHINGSComposite bushings lead to consistent and smooth rotation with added durability, as well as a dampening effect to reduce noise when the barbell is dropped.


Duracoat™ スリーブAll Cerakote bars come with corrosion-resistant Duracoat™ sleeves, which are toughened with a chemical process that hardens the outside of the steel.


ボルケーノ型ローレットMedium-depth, volcano knurling provides good grip without tearing up your hands during high-rep workouts.


DUAL KNURL MARKINGSDual knurl markings (IWF and IPF) help you determine even hand placement on the barbell.


HIGH-END TOUCHESThis is a premium barbell with high-end details, like laser etchings of the barbell name and weight; a tribute to Colorado, where REP was founded, on the inside of the sleeves; and metal endcaps featuring unique designs.

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