Cambered Swiss Bar

Type: Bars
SKU: BB-4310

The REP Cambered Swiss Bar is the perfect addition to any gym. This multi-grip barbell is an incredibly versatile tool for strength training. The cambered design provides a greater range of motion, and the different grips target specific muscle groups. All handles on the bar take advantage of the camber, which means the weight is offset from your grip. This creates a pendulum effect, so you have to engage more muscles to stabilize the bar, creating a different stimulus than a traditional barbell. The outermost handle is also set at a deficit so you can pull the bar into a deeper range of motion. Moderately knurled handles help with grip, especially on pull exercises. We took the classic, cambered design and made it even better. Our round tubing prevents any discomfort when the bar is loaded on your body. The removable eyebolt adds a level of versatility to your training and can be used as a cable attachment. Not to mention, our barbell fits standard clips, so you don't need to buy new ones. This is easily one of the best multi-grip barbells on the market.


Bar Use Specialty
Weight 20 kg
Length 205 cm
Loadable Sleeve Length 36 cm
Camber Depth 6.4 cm
Handle Diameter 35 mm
Sleeve Diameter 50 mm
Static Rating 367 kg
Finish Textured Powder Coat
Sleeve Finish Hard Chrome

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