BlackWing™ Adjustable Bench

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We combined the best features from our top benches to create the ultimate, high-quality, adjustable, flat-incline-decline bench, the BlackWing™ Adjustable Bench. This heavy-duty bench includes our redesigned, patented ZeroGap™ technology that is easier than ever to use. Slide the seat forward and backward to eliminate the gap between the seat and back pad in all positions. A closed ladder system along the back pad allows for 12 easy and secure angle adjustments, ranging from -8 to 85 degrees. This bench is also compatible with the Leg Roller Attachment, so you can secure your legs for additional exercises. The adjustable seat pad, with six angles, uses a new, patent-pending design that combines the ease of a ladder design with the security of a pop-pin when moving the seat up. Pick between standard-width pads or 14” wide pads for more shoulder support. Both pads are made from our new, extra grippy, dense CleanGrip material.

The BlackWing™ is compliant with IPF competition height standards and is built for great leg drive for all lifters. The heavy-duty bench is made with 11-gauge steel, can handle 1,000lbs, and features improved front and rear feet for increased stability. Grooved, rubber feet help keep the bench in place, while protecting the floor. The BlackWing™ is topped off with high-end finishes, such as a cut-out REP logo on the ladder, stainless-steel finished handles, and a laser-cut mountain logo on the front foot. When you are done with your workout, the space-saving design allows the bench to be stored in an upright position, taking up only 3.1SQFT of space, featuring an integrated, metal storage stand with a protective, plastic liner. A horizontal, knurled, stainless-steel handle makes the bench still very maneuverable at 131lbs. The BlackWing™ was designed in Denver, CO, and is protected by one or more issued and/or pending patents.



Assembled Bench Weight 59 kg
Assembled Bench Length 151 cm
Assembled Bench Width 66 cm
Assembled Bench Height 44 cm
Back Pad Angles -8, 0, 10, 20, 30, 37.5, 45, 52.5, 60, 67.5, 75, 85
Seat Pad Angles -10, 0, 8, 15, 30, 45
Back Pad Length 97 cm
Back Pad Width

Standard:31 cm Wide:36 cm

Seat Pad Width

Standard:22~31 cm Wide:22~36 cm

Seat Pad Length 40 cm
Rear Foot Width 66 cm
Front Foot Width 38 cm
Front Handle Length 18 cm
Front Handle Diameter 25 mm
Footprint 151 cm × 66 cm
Vertically Stored Footprint 0.3 ㎡
Weight Capacity 454 kg
Frame Material 11-Gauge Steel
Pad Material CleanGrip
Handles Material Knurled Stainless Steel



Redesigned to be more user-friendly, our patented ZeroGap™ technology allows you to slide the seat forward and backward to eliminate the gap between the seat and back pad in all positions - especially nice when benching flat.


The BlackWing™ uses a patent-pending, ratcheting system to easily adjust the angle, as well as securely lock it in with a pin. This design allows you to quickly change the angle of the seat by simply lifting on the seat pad - no need to pull the pin. Use the pop-pin to adjust the angle back down.



The closed ladder design keeps the ladder securely in place when adjusting the bench and when storing it vertically.



The BlackWing™ was designed for compact vertical storage, only taking up 3.1SQFT of space, and it includes an integrated, metal storage stand with a protective, plastic liner.



A built-in receiving post on the BlackWing's™ back frame can be used with the optional Leg Roller Attachment to create additional exercise options for core work and decline presses, as well as Nordic hamstring curls. (Attachment sold separately.)



The BlackWing™ is a stable, heavy-duty, flat-incline-decline bench with 12 different back pad angles and six seat pad angles. This provides 72 combinations to hit the perfect rep. And with the capacity to handle 1,000lbs, it's ready for your next PR.

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