Dual Barbell Hanger

SKU: PRA-5422

Save space and securely store your barbells with the Dual Barbell Hanger. This practical attachment easily bolts onto to your 5000 Series power rack (the PR-5000, Omni, and Apollo). It features two 35mm cutouts that are compatible with most standard-sized barbells. Store two barbells in the holes vertically to take up minimal space in your home gym. The hanger includes recessed hardware and is lined with plastic on the bottom and upper portion to protect your barbell. The front edge of the hanger has a special 0.75” high lip to keep your barbells from falling. This attachment is heavy-duty, made from steel and plastic and finished with a protective matte black powder coat. We recommend placing the Dual Barbell Hanger on the outside of your power rack.



Weight 3.2 kg
Length 25 cm
Width 11 cm
Height 7.6 cm
Hole Spacing 20 cm(8")
Lip Height 1.9 cm
Hardware Size 2.5cm(1")
Material Steel & Plastic
FInish Matte Black Powder Coat

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