Ankle Cuff

SKU: FTA-5050

Add more options to your functional trainer or cable machine with the Ankle Cuff Attachment. This attachment is made from a nylon strap with a high-quality Neoprene foam padding to ensure comfort during use. It has steel D rings. Weighing around 4.2oz, the Ankle Cuff is lightweight and easy to store, move, or attach wherever you need it.

This attachment is incredibly versatile, depending on how you connect it to the cables and use it. Use the Ankle Cuff for standing hamstring curls, cable hip abductors/adductors, cable crunches, donkey kicks, and more. The Ankle Cuff is 25” long. It does not come with a carabiner. Each cuff sold separately.



Length 64 cm
Weight 0.12 kg

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