Adjustable Bench Leg Roller Attachment

SKU: AB-5000-01

Transform your adjustable bench into a full flat-incline-decline (FID) bench with the Leg Roller Attachment. This attachment easily connects to your AB-5000, AB-5100, or BlackWing bench to give it decline capabilities. Simply slide the attachment into the end of the bench and tighten the knob. Then adjust the bench to the angle you want, hook your feet into the roller, and get to work. The attachment provides stability so you can safely do decline exercises, like decline sit-ups and decline chest presses. The Leg Roller Attachment is sturdy, made from heavy-duty, 11-gauge steel with a foam pad. The pads are 4” in diameter and add 12.5” to your bench, without adding any width.



Added Length 32 cm
Diameter of Pads 10 cm
Material 11-Gauge Steel & Foam

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