AB-3000 2.0 FID Adjustable Weight Bench


The AB-3000 is known as the best-value, adjustable, FID bench for home gyms -- and it just got better with a new, upgraded look and feel in the AB-3000 2.0. This bench is a high-quality option for lifters looking for a rock-solid, flat-incline-decline bench. Built-in leg rollers and an adjustable pin assure you’re comfortable and secure in the decline position. When not in use, you can move and lock the leg rollers back for better clearance. In addition, the AB-3000 2.0 has eight back pad angles (-12, 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 70, and 85 degrees), many of which are different from the original AB-3000 for more user-friendly positioning. The ladder-style back adjustment allows you to change the angle instantly, and it’s easy to pick your angle using the laser-cut numbering along the ladder. It is also quieter, as the updated ladder features noise dampeners. The seat pad also has five different angles (0, 5, 10, 15, and 20 degrees). The AB-3000 2.0 features updated front and rear bases with rubber covers to better grip and protect the floors. The rear base is wider to provide more side-to-side stability.

The pads are upgraded, too. New CleanGrip pads are extra dense for added durability and are even grippier than before. The updated back pad is squared off with a greater surface area for more back support and is easier to clean than its predecessor. The 2.0 still has the same seat pad that gets wider and thicker on the front, so it’s more comfortable on the back of your knees when using the Leg Rollers. If you don’t like the wider flare on the front, the seat pad is now reversible. A new, horizontal handle on the leg attachment was designed to stay out of the way when you’re lifting, and it makes the bench easier to move around your gym. In addition to standard matte black, metallic black, red, and blue, the AB-3000 2.0 is also now available in white. Black hardware, rubber endcaps on the ladder adjustment arm, and enclosed wheels all come together to make this a high-quality bench with a patent-pending design. The AB-3000 2.0 has a weight capacity of 1,000lbs and is finished with REP’s signature powder coat.


Bench Weight 41 kg
Bench Height 43 cm
Bench Width 66 cm
Bench Length 144 cm
Back Pad Angles -12, 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 70, 85
Seat Pad Angles 0, 5, 10, 15, 20
Number of Leg Roller Positions 6
Back Pad Length 91 cm
Back/Seat Pad Width 30 cm/38 cm
Seat Pad Length 38 cm
Leg Roller Length 20 cm(each)
Pad Gap 5 cm
Footprint 0.92 ㎡
Tolerance +- 3%
Weight Capacity 454 kg
Material 11-Gauge Steel



内蔵型レッグローラーLeg rollers on the AB-3000 2.0 can be moved farther back for better clearance and farther forward than the original design for more comfort in decline. They can also be locked into any of the six positions while doing decline sit-ups and incline bench.


改良された安定性Updated front and rear bases with rubber covers provide more grip to the floor and keep your flooring protected. The rear base is also wider to enhance side-to-side stability.


様々なエクササイズに対応Along with added leg roller positions, the AB-3000 2.0 now has eight back pad positions, which are now common degree angles most people prefer and are proven to provide a more effective workout. It also features laser-cut numbering along the ladder to easily show what angle you’re setting your back pad at.


CleanGrip™パッドOur new CleanGrip pads are denser to ensure durability and have more grip than our previous version. They are also easier to clean – the smaller perforations trap less dirt and debris. We also provided an updated, squared-off back pad to increase the surface area for increased back support.


持ち運びに便利なハンドルThe horizontal handle on the updated leg attachment stays out of the way when you’re lifting and makes the bench easier to move around your gym. 


The AB-3000 was a classic for a reason, and it only gets better with the AB-3000 2.0. This bench is a never-need-to-upgrade addition to your home gym.

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