4-Post Push-Pull Sled

Type: Sleds
SKU: PS-5000

Push and pull your way through an intense workout with the versatile 4-Post Push-Pull Sled. This sturdy sled is built for hard work, with all steel construction, including on the bottom. The sled features two upright poles that can be placed in any of the four sockets, allowing you to quickly transition which direction you’re pushing, rather than having to turn the sled all the way around with two static poles. The poles allow for both high and low push stances. The sled also has carabiner holes on both sides so you can attach straps for pulling exercises. The sled itself weighs 115lbs and the center weight post has 17” of additional loadable length, equal to six 55lb bumper plates. The 4-Post Push-Pull Sled is easy to put together. It comes with all the necessary hardware, so you can set it up quickly and get to work.



Weight 52 kg
Width 56 cm
Length 88 cm
Height 107 cm
Loadable Length 43 cm
Skid Width 10 cm

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