PR-1100 Rack Weight Storage

SKU: PRA-1400

Organize your home gym in an efficient and small footprint by adding a weight storage unit to your rack. The 1000-Series Weight Storage unit is compatible with the PR-1000 and PR-1100 racks. This unit is heavy duty, with the capacity to hold up to 2,000lbs of weight. Its eight different chrome-plated, steel weight horns are 8” in length each. To protect your plates, the weight horns feature rubber protection on the end caps and gaskets/stops. In addition to organizing your weight plates, this unit also features two designated spots to safely store your barbells vertically, up and out of the way. Its rubber, grooved feet protect the floor of your gym. This unit will add only 10” of depth and 17” of width to your power rack. Note: This is not a stand-alone storage unit. You can still use the 1000-Series Weight Storage unit if your power rack is equipped with a Lat and Low Row Attachment.



Weight 30 kg
Height 194 cm
Width 163 cm
Depth 33 cm
Material Steel
Weight Horn Length 20 cm
Weight Horn Diameter 4.6 cm

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