Plate-Loaded Lat Pulldown and Low Row (1100 Series)

SKU: PRA-1700

Expand your home gym power rack with the Lat and Low Row Attachment. This pulley system attaches to a PR-1000 or PR-1100 to accommodate cable exercises, such as seated lat pull-downs, tricep pushdowns, and low rows. The system features a 1:1 ratio, which means a 10-pound weight will feel like 10 pounds of resistance. The machine comes complete with a lat bar and straight bar, and works with other add-on attachments, from the triangle row to the neutral grip lat bar. Pulleys are made from high-quality plastic. The cables are durable, made from galvanized wire with a raw steel core, strong enough to handle 1000lbs. The weight horn can handle 450lbs. The Lat and Low Row Attachment is compatible with both iron and bumper Olympic plates (2”). This piece of equipment is compact, only slightly taller than the uprights of the power rack. It adds 17” to the rack’s depth, while bringing a ton of additional strength-training options to your gym.



Weight 26 kg
Height 218 cm
Width 48 cm
Depth 50 cm
Loadable Length 21 cm(Per Side)
Pully Ratio 1:1
Weight Horn Capacity 204 kg
Cable Weight Capacity 454 kg

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