Weight Horns

SKU: PRA-5412-12

With REP’s Weight Horns, you can conveniently store your weight plates on your power rack without a separate storage unit taking up floor space. These Weight Horns are available for the 1000, 4000, and 5000 Series power racks. Each version of Weight Horns is slightly different to work best with the respective racks, but they’re all heavy duty and easy to install. Weight Horns are sold in pairs, and they’re sturdy yet lightweight, starting at just 2.5lbs for the 1000 Series.

The 1000 Series horns are made from 14-gauge steel. Install and adjust them in seconds — no hardware needed. They mount to uprights like a J-cup. The 8.9” horns can hold three 45lb bumpers or five 45lb irons. The 4000 Series horns are 11-gauge, chrome-plated steel, and the 5000 Series are urethane-coated. Both feature a bolt-on design and are available in 6” and 12”. The 4000 Series can hold four 45lb bumpers or eight 45lb irons. The 5000 Series can hold four 45lb bumpers or seven irons. Both have rubber gasket stops to protect your weights.



Weight Horn Length 6" & 12"
Weight Horn Diameter 1.8"
Weight Horn Material Urethane Coated Solid Bar Stock

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