Utility Seat

SKU: PRA-5440

Bring a ton of versatility to your home gym with the Utility Seat. Attach it to multiple areas of your power rack like the crossmembers, uprights, Flip-Down Safeties, Spotter Arms, and ISO Arms. Create different exercises, such as leg presses, preacher curls, donkey kicks, box squats, box jumps, step-ups, stone loading, or even use it as a spotter platform. Add our Utility Seat Pad (sold separately) to perform prone exercises (like seal rows) comfortably. The seat is also compatible with the updated Band Pegs (sold separately) to allow for resistance band exercises or storage. The Utility Seat is heavy duty, weighing around 50lbs and made with 11-gauge steel. It has a capacity of 1,000lbs. With the included alternate liner kits, the Utility Seat is designed to fit 3x3”-post power racks with outside widths of 47” and 49”. The Utility Seat is easy to install wherever you want it on your rack, with the integrated hand cutouts and mounting pins. The sides of the seat have universal hole spacing to allow for multiple mounting configurations. And it features thoughtful details, too, such as rounded tubing on the underside of the frame that make handling it more comfortable. The top of the Utility Seat is layered with a non-slip rubber mat to provide good traction on step-ups or leg presses.It features UHMW plastic lining to protect your equipment. The Utility Seat is finished with a metallic black powder coat, and the pad is made from dense foam with CleanGrip vinyl.



Weight Capacity 454 kg
Material 11-Gauge Steel
Finish Metallic Black Powder Coat
Weight 24 kg
Usable Seat Area 83 cm x 29cm

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