PR-1100 Selectorized Lat Pulldown and Low Row

SKU: PRA-1700-S

Build out your 1000 Series power rack with the Selectorized Lat Pulldown and Low Row attachment. This pulley system is compatible with the PR-1000 and PR-1100 racks and brings the functionality of cable movements to your set-up. Great for building your back, this attachment can also be used for curls, tricep work, and so much more. The system features a 200lb weight stack with a 1:1 ratio, meaning 10lbs feels like 10lbs. The weight stack also features band pegs so you can add additional resistance with bands, and the weight stack can be upgraded to 250lbs. Quickly move between 10lb weight increments with the magnetic pin. The base swivel pulley rotates 45 degrees and sits higher off the ground for a more natural pull than a floor-level low row. . The attachment comes with a matte black powder-coated lat pulldown bar and low row bar and is also compatible with a wide variety of our cable attachments. The tread foot plate is adjustable through an integrated pop-pin system for bracing against during low rows. The cables are high-quality, made from galvanized wire and the pulleys are aluminum. Bring the functionality of traditional commercial equipment into your home gym!



Weight 143 kg
Added Height 2.5 cm
Added Width 0 cm
Added Depth 60 cm
Pulley Ratio 1:1
Cable Travel 136 cm
Weight Capacity 245 kg
Tolerance (Weight Plates) 3 %
Finish Metallic Black Powder Coat

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