Selectorized Lat Pulldown & Low Row

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Build out your power rack with the Selectorized Lat Pulldown and Low Row. This pulley system is compatible with the PR-4000, PR-5000, Omni, and Apollo racks and brings the functionality of cable movements to your set-up. Great for building your back, this attachment can also be used for curls, belt squats, tricep work, and so much more. The system features a 200lbs weight stack with 1:1 ratio, meaning 10lbs feels like 10lbs. The weight stack also features band pegs to add additional resistance and the weight stack can be upgraded to 300lbs . Quickly move between 10lbs weight increments with the magnetic pin. The attachment comes with a matte black powder-coated lat pulldown bar and low row bar and is also compatible with a wide variety of our cable attachments. The tread foot plate is adjustable through an integrated pop-pin system for bracing against during low rows. The cables are high quality, made from galvanized wire with a raw steel core, and the pulleys are aluminum. Bring the functionality of traditional commercial equipment into your home gym! Note: This attachment requires the Rear Base Stabilizer , which serves as the anchor point to the rack.



Pulley Ratio 1:1
Weight Capacity 272 kg
Tolerance +-3%
Cable Travel 80" Rack:122 cm
93" Rack:152 cm
Added Height 8 cm
Added Depth 6-Post:22 cm
4-Post:70 cm
Finish Metallic Black



The 200lbs weight stack operates at a 1:1 ratio which means that 10lbs feels like 10lbs. The stack can be upgraded to 300lbs.


A matte black powder coated lat pulldown bar and straight low row bar are included. You can also use a wide variety of our other cable attachments.



The integrated band pegs on the base and headplate provide the option to create added resistance with bands.



This attachment features high-quality cables, made from galvanized wire with a raw steel core aluminum pulleys.



The Selectorized Lat Pulldown & Low Row comes with a foot plate to help brace movements

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