Landmine Attachment

SKU: PRA-5300

Add more versatility to your power rack with the Landmine Attachment. Easily connect the Landmine to the outside of the rack’s uprights. Just use the included band peg in any of the holes on the rack, at any height. The peg makes it quick and easy to secure the attachment on and take it off. The side mount keeps the attachment out of the way of any other work inside the cage. The Landmine Attachment allows you to use the barbell in new ways, for exercises like landmine presses, landmine rows, Russian twists, single arm bent over rows, and more. It works with barbells with a 2” or 1” sleeves. Landmine Attachments are compatible with the PR-1000, PR-1050, PR-1100, SR-4000 (5000 option needed for this rack), PR-4000, PR-4100 Folding Rack, PR-5000, Omni, and Apollo. Make sure you select the correct version for your rack.



Weight 3.6 kg
Attachment Length 38 cm
Tube Length 50mm Sleeve: 30 cm
25mm Sleeve: 14 cm
Material Steel

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