Plate-Loaded Lat Pulldown & Low Row

SKU: PRA-5700-RBS-80

Build out your power rack with the Lat and Low Row Attachment. This pulley system attaches to a PR-4000, PR-5000, Omni, or Apollo half rack to add cable exercises, including lat pull-down variations and seated rows. The system features a 1:1 ratio, which means a 10-pound weight will produce 10 pounds of actual resistance. The attachment comes with a lat bar and straight bar, as well as a foot plate to brace against during low rows. The cables are high quality, made from galvanized wire with a raw steel core, and the pulleys are aluminum. Get the Lat and Low Row Attachment in two height options to fit different sized cages (80” and 93”). Each option will add 3" in height to your rack. Make sure you order the correct attachment for the height of your rack. Also, this add-on requires the Rear Base Stabilizer, which serves as an anchor point and removes the need to bolt down 41” depth racks.



Weight 62 kg
Added Height 8 cm
Attachment Width 56 cm
Attachment Length 58 cm
Weight Horn Length 27 cm(Per Side)
Ratio 1:1
Weight Capacity 272 kg
Finish Metallic Black

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