FB-5000 Competition Flat Bench

Type: Flat Bench

The FB-5000 is a flat, competition-style bench that is designed to meet the International Powerlifting Federation’s height standards, so lifters can properly prepare for a meet. With a stable tripod foot design, the bench’s legs are out of the way of the lifter’s foot placement, allowing for optimal leg drive. The high-density, 4” thick pad is made from heavy-duty, non-slip vinyl to hold you in place, and it can be swapped out for our wider pad (14”), if preferred. The bench is also compatible with the Thompson Fat pad (with 4-bolt mounting pattern as used on all newer production models). This bench is made with 3x3” 11-gauge steel with a weight capacity of 1,000lbs. Although it can handle a heavy load, the FB-5000 only weighs 62lbs and takes up 7.36SQFT of space, and the integrated steel handle and industrial roller wheels make it easy to maneuver. Grooved, rubber feet help hold the bench in place, while also protecting the floor. Build strength with this essential, cost-effective piece of equipment.



Bench Weight 28 kg
Wide Bench Weight 34 kg
Bench Height 43 cm
Bench Width 53 cm
Bench Length 128 cm
Pad Width 30 cm
Wide Pad Width 35 cm
Pad Length 122 cm
Footprint 0.68 ㎡
Tolerance +- 3%
Weight Capacity 454 kg
Material 11-Gauge Steel



トライポッドデザインThree-legged design leaves plenty of space for lifter's feet to optimize leg drive.


With a steel handle and industrial wheels, it’s easy to move around the gym.



With an 11-gauge steel frame, the weight capacity is 1,000lbs.



High-density, 4” back pad is covered in grippy vinyl and can be upgraded for a wider 14” pad or Thompson Fat pad.



Grooved, rubber feet keep the bench in place, while also protecting the floor.



Competition-style bench is 16.9" high to prepare lifters for a meet.

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