FB-3000 Flat Bench

Type: Flat Bench

The FB-3000 is a solid, 11-gauge steel bench suitable for both home gym and competitive lifters. Its wide frame also features four legs, rather than three, which adds stability for other exercises like step-ups and split squats. The FB-3000 is the lightest bench, at 40lbs, but it’s heavy-duty enough to handle a 700lbs load. Grooved, rubber feet help keep the bench from sliding, while also protecting the floors. The FB-3000 is compatible with REP’s wall-mounted bench hanger, so you can store it up and out of the way to save space. The vertically mounted hanger is easy to install securely into studs or concrete, with 16”-spaced mounting holes, and the hanger is compact, at less than 4” deep. The FB-3000 is a cost-effective flat bench suitable for a wide variety of exercises.



Bench Weight 18 kg
Bench Height 45 cm
Bench Width 45 cm
Bench Length 120 cm
Pad Width 30 cm
Pad Length 120 cm
Footprint 0.53 ㎡
Tolerance +- 3%
Weight Capacity 320 kg
Material 11-Gauge Steel

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