Double Black Diamond Power Bar

Type: Bars
SKU: BB-5320

Raising the bar. These barbells were over 10 years in the making – the fusion of customer insights, rigorous testing, thousands of reps by different types of athletes, and our decades of experience in both lifting and designing quality, innovative gym equipment. That’s how we know these will be the best barbells you’ll ever put your hands on.

The Double Black Diamond Power Bar is REP’s top-tier powerlifting barbell with very aggressive knurling. REP was founded in Colorado, and the Double Black Diamond name references the steepest and hardest runs on the slopes. This 20kg (44.1lb) barbell features deep, mountain-style knurling to provide maximum grip for heavy bench presses and deadlifts, and center knurling to keep the barbell in place during back squats.

It also has IPF-standard knurl markings to help you get into proper position for your lifts, and it features smooth sleeves for easy loading and unloading of the plates. This power bar has a stiff 29mm diameter, which complies with International Powerlifting Federation standards. Bronze bushings allow for consistent rotation, while ensuring incredible strength and stiffness to withstand heavy loads. In fact, this bar can handle up to 1,500lbs. The Double Black Diamond comes in six styles: fully stainless steel; a stainless-steel shaft with hard chrome sleeves; or a black, blue, green, or red Cerakote shaft with Duracoat™ sleeves. Duracoat™ is a chemical process that hardens the outside of the steel, making it more wear resistant than other finishes while also adding a high degree of corrosion resistance. The bar is topped off with premium metal endcaps with unique designs. This is a powerlifting barbell that stands out from the rest. For a powerlifting bar with a still aggressive knurling, but less so than this bar, check out the regular Black Diamond version of this barbell.


Bar Use Powerlifting
Weight 20 kg
Length 220 cm
Loadable Sleeve Length 41 cm
Shaft Diameter 29 mm
Sleeve Diameter 50 mm
Bushing/Bearing Bronze Bushings
Sleeve Style Smooth
Knurl Style Deep Mountain/Very Aggressive
Center Knurl Yes
Knurl Markings IPF
Material Steel or Stainless Steel
Shaft Coating Cerakote or Stainless Steel
Sleeve Coating Duracoat™, Hard Chrome, or Stainless Steel
Whip Low
Static Rating 680 kg
Tensile Strength 200 ksi
Tolerance +-1 %



選べる材質と表面処理Available in a Cerakote-coated shaft with Duracoat™ sleeves, stainless-steel shaft with hard chrome sleeves, or a fully stainless-steel option.


ブロンズブッシングBronze bushings allow for consistent rotation, while ensuring maximum strength and stiffness to withstand the heavy loads of powerlifting.


スムーズなスリーブSmooth hard chrome, Duracoat™, or stainless-steel sleeves that allow for easy loading and unloading of weight on the barbell.


深いローレットFor lifters who want maximum grip for one-rep maxes, the very aggressive, deep mountain-style knurling will provide excellent grip.


IPF仕様のローレットマークInternational Powerlifting Federation (IPF) knurl markings help you determine even hand placement on the barbell.


ディティールへのこだわりThis is a premium barbell with high-end details, like laser etchings of the barbell name and weight; a tribute to Colorado, where REP was founded, on the inside of the sleeves; and metal endcaps featuring unique designs.

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