Dip Belt

SKU: WB-3000

Take your bodyweight exercises to the next level with a Dip Belt. This belt is easy to use; simply slide it on your waist and attach it to weight plates or a cable to perform weighted dips, pull-ups, belt squats, and more. It’s comfortable and lightweight. Throw the Dip Belt into your gym bag or bring it wherever you want to work out. One size fits most people, too, so you can be confident it won’t slip and slide around. It’s designed to not restrict your full range of motion. The Dip Belt is 39” long and 3.75” wide.



Length 99 cm
Width 9.5 cm
Chain Length 80 cm
Belt Material Polyester Fabrics + EVA
Buckle Material Steel w/ Nickel Plating
Chain Material Steel w/ Zinc Coating

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