Delta Basic Bar

Type: Bars
SKU: BB-1120

Raising the bar. These barbells were over 10 years in the making – the fusion of customer insights, rigorous testing, thousands of reps by different types of athletes, and our decades of experience in both lifting and designing quality, innovative gym equipment. That’s how we know these will be the best barbells you’ll ever put your hands on. The Delta Basic Bar is a high-quality, powerlifting/mixed-use barbell for lifters looking for great value and versatility. With slower-rotating, strength-focused, brass bushing sleeves, the Delta bar is perfect for powerlifting. But dual knurl markings (both International Powerlifting Federation and International Weightlifting Federation) make the bar versatile enough for whatever kind of lifting you’re doing. This bar is 20kg (44.1lbs) with a 29mm diameter shaft, which also complies with IPF standards. Medium-depth, volcano-style knurling helps enhance your grip on the barbell for heavy lifts, but it won’t tear up your hands during higher-rep workouts. Center knurling helps keep the bar safely in place on your back during squats. It’s made from steel with a bright chrome coating on both the shaft and sleeves, and the sleeves are smooth for the easy loading and unloading of weight plates. The Delta Basic Bar is compatible with all standard, 2”-diameter plates and can handle 700lbs of them. Note: If you’re looking for the next level up, check out the Black Canyon, a mid-tier, mixed-use barbell. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line, mixed-used barbell, check out the Colorado Bar.


Bar Use Mixed-Use/Powerlifting
Weight 20 kg
Length 220 cm
Loadable Sleeve Length 41 cm
Shaft Diameter 29 mm
Sleeve Diameter 50 mm
Bushing/Bearing Brass Bushing
Sleeve Style Smooth
Knurl Style Volcano/Medium
Center Knurl Yes
Knurl Markings Dual(IPF & IWF)
Material Steel
Shaft Coating Bright Chrome
Sleeve Coating Bright Chrome
Whip Medium
Static Rating 320 kg
Tensile Strength 135 ksi
Tolerance +-1 %



Bright chrome helps protect the bar from the elements and rust, while creating an aesthetic, shiny finish.


Slower-rotating bushing sleeves are more efficient for strength-focused movements, like powerlifting lifts.


Medium-depth, volcano-style knurling provides good grip without tearing up your hands.


Center knurling helps keep the barbell in place on your back during squats.


Dual knurl markings (IWF and IPF) help you determine even hand placement on the barbell.


Smooth sleeves allow for easy loading and unloading of weight on the barbell.

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