Competition Bumper Plates

SKU: BP-5500-10-1

The Competition Bumper Plates (KG) are REP’s top-tier bumper plates, ideal for Olympic weightlifting and cross-training/HIIT-style workouts, where dropping the barbell from overhead or shoulder height is common. These bumpers have a low bounce, max durability, and a zinc-coated steel disc insert. They’re made with an extra inner steel ring, which results in more durability and better absorption and dispersal of force. Furthermore, raised lettering and a raised rubber surface around the center disc limit metal-on-metal contact.

These plates are factory-tested to withstand more than 30,000 drops from a height of eight feet, and they have a five-year warranty. As competition plates, these have a strict weight tolerance of +/- 10 grams (0.25%), in accordance with the International Weightlifting Federation standard. And they are color coded per the IWF standards to allow for easy identification of how much weight is on the bar (red is 25kg, blue is 20kg, yellow is 15kg, and green is 10kg).


Size Diameter Thickness
10 kg 450 mm 35.6 mm
15 kg 450 mm 40.6 mm
20 kg 450 mm 53.3 mm
25 kg 450 mm 66.0 mm
Material Rubber
Tolerance +-0.25 %

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