Ares™ Cable Attachment

SKU: PRA-FT-5000-DUAL-4-80-S
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※This is for the customer who already has a 6-post rack with 16” weight storage crossmembers or a 4-post 16” rack.


Weight 437 kg
Pulley Ratio 2:1
Trolleys Weight Capacity 204 kg
Cables Weight Capacity 204 kg
Cable Travel 80" rack:183 cm
93" rack:244 cm
Added Height 3 cm
Added Width 13 cm
Added Depth 15 cm
Weight Plates Tolerance +-3%



Light and smooth trolleys with a knurled handle and oversized pop-pin are easy to move with one hand, but strong enough to handle heavy weight. They're lined with a special plastic to protect your upright.


The Ares™ features more than 30 aluminum pulleys with custom retainers to keep the cables on track. The front pulleys have a 180-degree swivel for versatility and the ability to work outside the rack.



Two 260lbs weight stacks made from hot-rolled steel have a 2:1 ratio (100lbs feels like 50lbs), ideal for functional training. Upgrade the stacks to 310lbs or 620lbs total.



The Lat and Low row can be used for unilateral work or combine both weight stacks via the “banana attachment” for the full effective weight of 260lbs.



The Ares™ comes with Urethane D handles , a knurled hard-chrome lat pull down bar and low row bar, footplate for low rows, a connector banana, and four 2.5lbs weights for micro-adjustments. Note: Please see FAQ for requirements on compatible attachments.



The Ares™ is compatible with the PR-4000 6-Post 24” + 16”, 30” + 16”, 41” + 16”, 16” + 16” / PR-4000 4-Post 16” / PR-5000 6-Post 30” + 16”, 41” + 16”, 16” + 16” / PR-5000 4-Post 16”. The Ares is available for both 80” and 93” racks.


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