Arcadia™ Functional Trainer

Type: Cable Motion
SKU: FT-3500

The Arcadia™ Functional Trainer is REP's first functional trainer designed by our Colorado engineering team from the ground up. REP has seamlessly integrated distinct, high-end features to this compact functional trainer, such as the unique trolleys seen on our popular Ares and Athena attachments; 10lb increment weight stacks; and in-house-designed, knurled handles. This full, versatile trainer features 32 cable positions with dual weight stacks that top out at 170lbs each, for a total of 340lbs at a 2:1 ratio (moving 100lbs feels like 50lbs). Upgrade the stacks to 220lbs each, for a total of 440lbs at a 2:1 ratio. The plates are made from hot-rolled steel to assure consistent and durable weights. Premium 5lb (feels like 2.5lbs) add-on weights allow for micro-adjustments. Add bands to the integrated band pegs on the base and headplate to hit the maximum resistance of 540lbs. The selectorized stacks provide quick and easy adjustments between movements with a magnetized pin that slides in smoothly. Thirty-two positions allow you to create a ton of versatility and maximize your range of motion. The Arcadia's™ cables are made from high-quality, galvanized wire featuring a raw-steel core for durability. The pulleys, constructed from strong aluminum, have a 180-degree swivel for versatility.

For enhanced functionality, the patent-pending, lightweight trolleys are equipped with plastic liners, knurled handles, and oversized pop-pins. The uprights feature laser-cut numbers on the front to make it easy to find the desired position. Challenge different grip, arm, and back muscles using multiple pull-up options integrated right into the functional trainer. The Arcadia™ comes with two steel D-handles with nylon straps to connect to the cable, and the functional trainer is compatible with a wide array of other attachments, too. Three heavy-duty, laser-cut pegboards can support 150lbs each and feature nine 4” and three 6” pegs, allowing for storage of small attachments. The Arcadia™ is finished with a premium metallic black powder coating that is incredibly resistant to chips and rust. High-end features, such as stainless-steel endcaps with debossed mountain logos and multiple colored, powder-coated backer plates for the REP logo, to personalize your functional trainer. The Arcadia™ brings heavy weight stacks to a compact functional trainer without sacrificing quality, making it perfect for home gyms and commercial facilities with limited space.



Height 205 cm
Front Width 140 cm
Rear Width 61 cm
Depth 91 cm
Actual Stack Weight Per Side 170lbs
Ratio 2:1
Max Usable Weight Per Side 85lbs & 110lbs With Upgraded Stack (Not Including Add-On Weights)
Minimum Usable Weight Per Side 5lbs
Number Of Height Options 32
Highest Trolley Point 173cm
Lowest Trolley Point 33cm
Cable Travel Length 206 cm



The Arcadia™ is versatile, with 32 different cable positions. This allows for more customization and natural movements, especially when working smaller muscles. The handles can go high and low enough to ensure you maximize your range of motion.


Challenge different grip, arm, and back muscles using multiple pull-up options integrated right into the functional trainer.



Dual weight stacks top out at 170lbs each (with an option to upgrade to 220lbs each) at a 2:1 ratio, heavy enough for even experienced lifters. Hot-rolled steel plates assure high accuracy. Premium 5lb (feels like 2.5lbs) dropdown, add-on weights allow for micro-adjustments.



The built-in storage keeps your small attachments and accessories organized and accessible. Customize your setup by easily repositioning the pegs to meet your preferences and needs.



The Arcadia™ is compatible with tons of cable attachments, such as the ankle cuff, sports handle, tricep rope, tricep pushdown bar, multi-grip curl bar, and much more.



The integrated band pegs on the base and headplate provide the option to create added resistance with bands up to a max weight capacity of 540lbs.

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