1.25" Pull-Up Bar

SKU: PR-5000-PU-125

Add a pull-up bar to your power rack with REP’s 1.25” Pull-Up Bar. This 1.25” thick, straight bar is the traditional pull-up bar style and a great basic start for your home gym. The bar is heavy-duty and made from 4.5mm steel (between 7- and 8-gauge). Use this standard-size bar for pull-ups, muscle-ups, and more. Attach resistance bands, rings, or exercise straps to it for other training options. The 1.25” bar is compatible with the PR-4000, PR-5000, Omni, and Apollo Half Rack. It is a necessary component to your power rack.



Weight 7.5 kg
Usable Length 104 cm
Diameter 32 mm
Material Steel

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