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Panatta is Europe's largest manufacturer of training machines. All products are manufactured in our own factory in Italy and distributed through over 90 distributors worldwide. Featuring unique machine designs based on biomechanics and elegant designs, we currently carry over 300 types of fitness machines.

Features of panatta machine

Features of panatta machine

Panatta is a general fitness manufacturer that handles all types of cardio machines, strength machines, and free weight equipment, but strength machines are divided into five series based on specs and price range.

There are three series of weight stack machines: MONOLITH, FITEVO, and SEC, and two series of plate load machines: FREEWEIGHT SPECIAL and FREEWEIGHT HP. We are developing a series.

Panatta researches biomechanics and ergonomics when developing strength machines, and designs them to ensure safe performance even during the high-intensity training required of athletes. The main features are as follows.

  • Space-saving design
    The compact and space-saving machine design allows for back-to-back or 4-station layouts, allowing for the maximum number of machines per area.
  • CAM
    By adopting CAM (Continuous Adaptive Movement), each machine is designed to load the target muscles most efficiently.
  • Preload lever <br>A preload lever is installed to avoid stress on the joints at the start and finish of the movement.
  • Weight adjustment system in 2.5kg increments
    MONOLITH allows you to adjust the load in steps of 2.5 kg. Patented.
  • Gas assist function The seat with gas assist function allows you to adjust to the exact position without having to leave the machine.
  • A wide variety of grips Equipped with multiple grips, you can stimulate muscles in different areas. The diameter of the grip is finely adjusted by push and pull movements.
  • eco friendly
    Environmentally friendly, almost all parts are recyclable. The padding is made of phthalate-free eco-leather, and the frame is made of alloy and plastic.
  • High degree of freedom in customization
    Panatta machines are only made to order, so you can freely customize the frame, pad color, seat texture, etc.


panatta monolith

Panatta's MONOLITH series is the top model of weight stack machines. Machine design based on biomechanics with attention to detail and luxurious and elegant design is the ultimate lineup that embodies Panatta's DNA.

Panatta FITEVO

panatta fit evo

Panatta's FITEVO is a high-end model of weight stack machines, racks, and benches, and has 90 different types of machines. It is the most popular series in commercial gyms due to its high quality and reasonable price.

Panatta SEC

Panatta SC

Panatta's SEC is a series that pursues cost performance, and we handle over 50 types of weight stack machines and benches. Dual system machines like the lat pull and pulley row are also popular products in this series.


panatta free weight special

Panatta's FREEWEIGHT SPECIAL series is the top model of plate road machines. The innovative machine design, backed by biomechanics, allows you to train with heavy weights safely and comfortably.


Panatta Free Weight HP

Panatta's FREEWEIGHT HP is a series of plate load machines for commercial use. This is a popular lineup that pursues cost performance while paying attention to details with a machine design based on biomechanics.

As Panatta's official domestic dealer, Uchino Gym handles all machines developed and manufactured by Panatta. We will suggest the best products to suit your gym concept and budget, so if you have any questions or requests, please feel free to contact us using the chat button on the bottom right.


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